One Thousand Gifts – Part 12

  • 119. Getting a head start on the New Year
  • 120 My son being entertained by the simplest of things (even while surrounded by a hundred new toys)
  • 121. Illness. To help me appreciate wellness
  • 122. Warm hoodie sweaters when I have the flu
  • 123. The reminder that Baby Steps are the only way to get a huge project done
  • 124. The fresh landscape of a new year ahead
  • 125. New Years Meditations (Thanks Laurel!)
  • 126. The generous help of our neighbor to help J4 lift things I can’t
  • 127. Friends who are still friends even though we don’t get together a lot anymore
  • 128. The most amazing husband a woman could ask for
  • 129. A beautiful son who is the light of my heart
  • 130. A new year