Love God – Part 2

On Thursday, I posted about the message I’d received about what I am to DO. And what I got was to “love God”. But I left off with a question that I have been thinking about since then. How?

So far, I have found two things that I can do to show love to God:

1. Do my work lovingly.
I’ve been blessed with several blogs on service lately. Ann V. at the Holy Experience of LISTENING posted Cleaning: My Quotidian Liturgy. Tonia at Intent, wrote The Courage to Serve. What I have been most impacted with is how little “free time” I have to love God with. These ladies shared such a powerful point. I have to love God with my “busy” time. During that time I am caring for my son, caring for my husband and home, and working for my employer. These acts that I perform are all “acts of service” which is truly a love language. So, in these menial tasks I perform on a day to day basis, I can complain, suffer and trudge through them, or I can be acting in love. Even if the particular task isn’t directed at loving my husband or my son, I can simply be loving God by doing my work well and without complaint.

2. Offer my body to Him.
We are literally begged (by Paul) to offer our bodies to God as a living sacrifice. Offering my body to my spouse is an act of trust and love. Similarly, offering my body to God is also an act of trust and love. I’ve been struggling, as ever, with my pride and unwillingness to give up eating something I want, when I want it. I am not talking about going on some crazy diet. My intent is simple, to eat only when I’m hungry. Period. And yet, my struggle continues. If I feel pain, I want to eat to numb it. If I’m bored or am in the mood to procrastinate, I want to eat. But I have come to believe that my continual, prideful, obstinate, deliberate overeating is plainly, and painfully, gluttony.

If I am to give my body as a living sacrifice to God, I don’t think I can continue to also treat it so shamefully. If I’ve given it to God, it would then no longer be mine to abuse.

I’m going to have to chew on this one a while too. I welcome any thoughts…comments…