Lesson for today

Actually, I read this last night. I’m still in the middle of Believing God, by Beth Moore. This is from her chapter on “Believing God Can Sanctify Your Mouth.” Yesterday was a really trying day at work and I was not the most kind or loving in my responses to my coworkers. At the time I was just crabby, but later the impact of my attitude was felt further than I intended.

When I read this, I knew God was speaking directly to me about it.

[After a review of Numbers 13 & 14] “If you and I want to abide and flourish in our Primsed Lands, we’re going to have to get rid of some bad reporting, faithless talking, and negative grumbling. In the previous chapter we learned that words wield power. While God’s words are omnipotent, our words are potent because He created us in His image. We can tear down withour words or build up with our words. We can speak living words, or we can speak killing words. We can encourage , or we can discourage. The question is not whether our words affect; the question is how. Even if you’re a quiet person, you still communicate often through words and just as often through affecting words. (pp 156-157)

Here’s to a new day and an opportunity to speak healing and building words. “It can be done!”