Dag Hammarskjold and an Army Chaplain

Since I put a stats counter on my site just for fun, I have been led a little more obscurely through blogland. Today I found the blog of an Army Chaplain who is currently stationed in Iraq. I haven’t read a whole lot of it so far, but he shared a quote from Dag Hammarskjold, who I’ve heard of but have not read.

In light of my recent TLT studies, I am amazed (though shouldn’t be anymore) how much God speaks to me through any area I am open to. This afternoon it was this quote:

Seek-? Seek by daring to take the leap into unconditional obedience. Dare this when you are challenged, for only by the light of the challenge will you be able to see the crossroads and, in full awareness of your choice, turn your back upon your personal life- with no right ever to look back….

You will find that the freedom of the continual farewell, the hourly self-surrender, gives your experience of reality the purity and clarity which signify- self realization.

You must find that obedience requires an act of will which must be continually reiterated, and that you will fall, if anything in your personal life is allowed to slip back into the center.

This is some pretty powerful stuff. I’ve added his book to my wish list, and may well be adding it to my 2007 Book list. It’s probably too late in the year to add it to the 2006 List.

Happy Sabbath everyone!