Romans 4:20-22 NLT: Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was absolutely convinced that God was able to do anything he promised. And because of Abraham’s faith, God declared him to be righteous.

I’m beginning to read Beth Moore’s Believing God. I am also reading Romans a verse or two at a time. Currently in Romans 4.

A friend of mine recently said that when God has a message for her He starts with a whisper, then with a nudge, and then, a big push. She said that she’s trying to start listening to the whispers because a push from God is not usually a pleasant thing! I’m currently being nudged into this topic of “belief”.

This verse is where I am tonight. It surprised me in its simplicity. Abraham believed God. God declared him righteous. Why do we get so confused and convoluted and discombobulated? This, my friends, is the Good News. Can it really be that simple? Really?

I’ve believed *in* God my whole life, but I can’t really say whether I have chose to believe Him. I want to be “absolutely convinced that God is able to do anything He promised”.

So, I guess the next step is to determine what God has promsed. If anyone wishes to share their thoughts, that would be really cool!