Am I a “talker” or a “listener”?

I just read a comment Kari made on Everyday Mommy’s blog in which she included this quote:

“Can any of us say we know how to pray? Many books have been written on prayer, some of them helpful. For a time I was absorbed in reading books about prayer. But in the end I discovered that the best way to learn about prayer is to pray. And the best way to pray is to become a good listener and allow the Other to speak. We all have friends who dominate the conversation. Are you that sort of friend to God? After all, ask yourself, who has the more worthwhile things to say?” – Michael Card, Scribbling in the Sand (actual quote not verified by me)

Wow. I have been complaining over the last several months to myself, to God, to the occasional listener about just how hard it is to find people that will ask you how you are doing and then take the time to listen. I tend to be one of those people that take a long time to truly open up. By the time I’m ready to share what’s really going on with me, the conversation is a million miles down the road.

So, what I’m wondering…is that how God feels? I just take a few moments here and there, ramble on, ask his opinion, but then move on to the next topic without so much as a pause in breath? Do I really take the time? Or do I rush on by so I don’t feel silly, or maybe I’m afraid He won’t answer? Maybe it’s time to give Him a chance to get a Word in edgewise…