What the (*&%^@?!?

Ok, I’m just plain ticked. Tonight at 9:15 PM some town (we have yet to determine which one) decided to have a HUGE fireworks show. It’s a SUNDAY night. It’s not the friggin 4th of July!! I have a 9 month old baby asleep for goodness sakes!! It sounded like it was 90% made up of the flash-bangs. ARGH!!

If I’d had my blood pressure taken, I guarantee it would have been through the ROOF!! But what can you do?

It was a MIRACLE that Jack did not wake up. And that’s exactly what it had to have been. The monitor spiked with every single boom.

It’s starting to thunderstorm right now. Maybe this was a way to prepare Jack for a night of fireworks… (Trying to see the silver lining.)

Ok, I’m done venting for the night…


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    i cringed last night during the BIG storm. every thunder bang i thought, “oh! she’s going to wake up for sure this time!” guess our kids can pick and choose what they will sleep through and what the won’t.

    like, t-lo will sleep in the car while i’m talking on my cell phone but she’ll wake up in her crib when i’m out in the hallway doing laundry. go figure.

    next weekend should be very interesting, as all towns will be having their fireworks!

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    I know! I’m dreading the 4th. But at least I’ll be mentally prepared for it. Last night was totally unexpected. WHATEVER!!!

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