The Seventh-Day Sabbath – Part 1

I was born and raised SDA. I began attending a non-denom church, CCC several years ago with a friend. It was difficult to shake the “but you’re attending on SUNDAY” looming over my head.

I got used to it.

Haven’t been to church for many months (pretty much since I got pregnant). I went once when Jack was dedicated, and once a few months later with J4, J5 and another couple with their little girl.

Now it’s just work to think about timing it right with Jack’s naps and feedings.

But a few weeks ago I got a book (Ten Commandments Twice Removed) on our front porch from the local SDA church that’s just starting a branch in our town. I decided it was time for me to confront the one thing that itched in the back of my brain but I had just pushed away for a later date.

I’ve been reading this book. It’s on my 2006 Book List. So far, it’s pretty convincing. I think we’re supposed to be keeping the Sabbath still…



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    we were going to go to church yesterday but t-lo was having such a bad morning that we ended up just staying home. =( i keep slapping myself because i really wanted to go every sunday, because i love to hear the message. *sigh*

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    I know. I haven’t been since we all met there together. Maybe this week? I’m thinking about trying to go to the first Saturday night service. We’ll see… Probably not though. It never seems to happen…

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