I want to be like Mister Rogers

J4 and I have been talking a lot lately about Mister Rogers. The man was by all counts a saint. He is what Christians should be. He lived his life in such a way that no one has anything wrong to say against him.

There are sites that dedicate themselves to digging up dirt and uncloseting skeletons of famous people. One of those sites (I won’t even post the site name ’cause it’s really gross and I wouldn’t want anyone to go there.) has a full page dedicated to Mister Rogers and they were entirely unable to find a single thing bad to say.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome thing? To live such a life that there was nothing bad to be said about you? This is the kind of Christian I want to be. I don’t want to be a “talker”. I want to just be so much like Christ, so much like Mister Rogers, that people just feel better having been around me. I can’t imagine having that much love inside that it just pours out from everything that I do.

This is so different from the way I was taught. Not by my parents, who were much more of the “live it” types, but by the SDA academy I attended. My religion classes were chock full of instructions on how to be the right kind of “witness”. We were trained, drilled and tested on how to have the right answers at the right time when you are in situations where you are “witnessing”. It’s as if you turn on the “witness” part when you are interacting with “non-believers”. I absolutely despise this delineation of types of people. “Believers” and “non-believers”. I understand that this separation does exist, but believers in what? A particular religion? A particular doctrine? A certain commandment?

I think what made Fred Rogers so wonderful was he just loved. Everyone. He seemed to see inside each person and immediately made contact with their little kid inside. No matter how old, no matter what they were on the outside now, he saw the inside. I was reading a thread about Mister Rogers on a forum and one of the people said something like “What if Jesus decided to come back and live a full human life and just didn’t make any mention of it to anyone else?”. Is that not the most wonderful thing to be said about a life lived?

To read more about this man who lived life the way God intended, go here:
Esquire Article

I’ve already started TiVo-ing Mister Rogers Neighborhood so Jack can also grow up with this wonderful example of a human being. I just pray I can be the kind of Mom that sees my son as the wonderful special boy he is! As someone on that forum said, WWMRD?


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    Why don’t you just be yourself?

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    Hi Shannon. 🙂 I am being myself here…and who I am is someone who honestly wants to grow and be a better person. I admire Fred Rogers and the way he lived his life.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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