My 2006 Book List

20 10 books that I want to read this year (idea blatantly stolen from a good friend):

  1. [Finished January 2006]

    The Scarlet Thread, Francine Rivers


  2. [Finished January 2006]

    The Atonement Child, Francine Rivers


  3. [Finished February/March 2006]

    Secrets, Kristen Heitzmann


  4. [Finished March/April 2006]

    Unforgotten, Kristen Heitzmann

    – Sequel to Secrets

  5. [Finished 7/29/06]

    Nuts! Southwest Airlines’ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, Kevin & Jackie Freiburg


    – Purchased after being inspired by an article and an interview with Colleen Barret at Leadership Conference 2005

  6. [Finished 5/14/06]
    The Still of Night, Kristen Heitzmann


    – Sequel to A Rush of Wings

  7. [Finished 6/20/06]

    Ten Commandments Twice Removed, Danny Shelton & Shelly Quinn

    – An SDA book someone left at our door.

  8. [Finished 8/13/06]

    The Witness, Dee Henderson


  9. [Finished 10/13/06]

    The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Dr. Laura Schlessinger


  10. [Finished 11/19/06]

    Halos, Kristen Heitzmann


  11. [Finished 12/31/06]

    Believing God, Beth Moore



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    Definitely going to read #5. I have a very good friend who is a long time pilot for SW. He could write a book about…

    Also – Thanks for the link! Have I said that before? I have toddler-induced dementia so I don’t remember a lot of stuff!!

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    Sorry to trash up your blog! All those above deleted comments are mine! The Blogger-gods are against me tonight.

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    LOL. Totally fixable. 🙂 It’s been one of those days haven’t it?

    I absolutely LOVE your style of writing! My son is 7 months old and already I see my future in a lot of your writing! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and wit with us!

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    When you’ve got a little boy in the house, you’re never short of material! Your blog will practically write itself!

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    i know there is one more book that i read, the problem is, i can’t remember if i read it this year or last year! blame it on baby brain. i’ll need to do some research to see if it should be added to my list. i can’t even think of the name of it but i remember the story. how frustrating!

  6. //

    🙂 I was going to try to add when I read the books on the bottom of my list, but I also have “baby brain”. I’m lucky to remember that it was this year…(I think…)

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