Holiday Weekends…

Why is it that we pack holiday weekends so darned full? It’s the illusion of “so much more time” to do all those little projects with a three-day weekend! Am I the only one who does this? The week before I have all these great plans of everything I am going to get done, but then Saturday morning comes along and all I want to do is sleep in! Of course, that’s not really possible any more with an 8 month old with a precise inner clock. Daylight? Playtime!!

This weekend has been busy so far. I went to a reunion breakfast with two of the three other mamas I was in swim class with. We had breakfast out, together, the day I went into labor. Now, 8 months later, we gathered again (sans one member – we missed you A!) Seeing all the babies together showed me once again just how fast it’s all going.