Book Review – The Still of Night – Rating: 4 out of 5

The Still of Night, by Kristen Heitzmann

Though I didn’t realize it at the time I started reading it, The Still of Night is actually a sequel or sister-book to A Rush of Wings. I recommend reading that book first, if you intend to read this one.

I like Kristen Heitzmann’s style of writing. She develops her characters indirectly, dumping you into the story and letting you learn about them as the book goes. I enjoy reading books where the backstory comes out a bit at a time, like pieces to a puzzle.

I like the fact that in some scenes she’s writing from Jill’s view with all her feelings, questions, doubts and fears, and in others she’s writing from Morgan’s point of view. You get to see the two characters from both inside and out. It makes them easier to empathize with. You understand their motives a little better, yet also see the effects of their actions on other people.

I enjoy Kristen’s books because they give you a chance to experience each character’s struggle with God. Struggles such as whether to even believe in God in the first place, or as a believer, the battle of trying to understand how a loving God can allow terrible things to happen.

This book, to me, was more about the spiritual journeys of Jill and Morgan, than about the events in the book. Like life, it’s more about what you become as a result of the things that happen to you rather than about the events themselves.

The plot was essentially predictable, but that’s not necessarily all bad. If anyone knows me really well, they know that in our household we have a term for movies and books that have the predictable, happy, “closure filled” ending. It’s a “Lundie ending”. That’s how I know whether or not to watch a movie. I HATE watching a movie only to have an unexpected tragic ending. (Damn you “Message in a Bottle” and “City of Angels”!!!)

So, on a scale of 1 to 5, I give this book a 4.

(Note: For me, a “5” is reserved for those books I want to read again and again.)