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On to current thingsā€¦

Enough of the book reviews. (I’m done for now anyway). I’m in the middle of reading a few of the books on my list so it will be at least another week before I have anything to say on them. Actual reading takes time…

I have discovered that Blue’s Clues is J5’s favorite show. It’s the only morning kids’ show that he watches intently. I think it’s a combination of Blue’s voice and Joe’s enthusiasm. We’ve watched a couple of the older episodes with Steve and he doesn’t seem to like them as much. Maybe I’m projecting, though. I’m definitely a bigger fan of Joe than Steve – probably because it’s Joe that J5 seems to like best. Funny how something that annoyed the stuffing out of me in the past becomes my favorite thing in the world when it makes the little boy giggle with glee!

The only other show to get as much intense interest from J5 is the intro music to The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart. J4 and I watch it every weeknight during dinner, after we’ve fed J5. Good stuff!