I’ve lost my music…

I realized tonight, as I was updating my interests on my Yahoo 360 page and I was looking at our tower of CDs for artists to add, that I have lost my music.

Personally. Internally.

I’m going to guess that it was the birth of J5 that sidetracked me. Living through those “delightful” first few weeks and months, trying to snag sleep wherever it was to be found.

Actually, now that I think about it, the loss started even earlier. It’s when I started my new job. I work less than 1/4 mile from my workplace. I don’t drive anymore. And when I do, it’s usually only long enough for a song or two.

Yes, that’s what did it.


And I’m starting with Vanessa-Mae.


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    I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! i barely drive anymore and i’m too preoccupied at home to throw on any music.

    i was just sitting here, adding music to my new iPod (there is NO catch, by the way – i seriously only paid $30 for it!!!) and i realized that i’ve really been missing a big part of myself. music has always been my life and i’ve completely set it aside.

    i’m so happy i have this iPod. i think it will help me find that part of me that i thought i had lost.

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    Yeah – Ipod is great…but Lundie, shouldn’t you be starting with “Paper Scissors???” Maybe its just a loyalty thing!

    On Music: you may have noticed that everything is a song with me…I sing my thoughts and my statements…I used to sing to Jeffrey when he was a baby, “Them there eyes” by ella fitzgerald and count bassie and he still lights up when he hears that song. That album is one of his all time favorites!

    Love ya.
    Beth K

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    I sing my own version of “SnugglePuppy” (the book by Sandra Boynton) to Jack at least once or twice a day. He gets a big grin whenever I do. Makes my heart warm.

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