Again with the nothing to say…

Wow, I seem to have run dry with the witty banter. The weather has turned warm and it seems to have stirred up life a bit. The winter blahs are finally drifting away, but the hustle and bustle quickly has taken it’s place.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks (months?) for some friends of mine. Sometimes I just don’t understand why little children suffer. I’m not getting into a whole “why, God, why?” thing. I personally do believe that God’s got a bigger plan, but I’m pretty darned ticked off that the evil side of things has to pick on the little ones…

A little boy that I was praying for regularly back while I was pregnant passed away. He was 3. He had brain cancer.

No, it’s just not fair.

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    that really ISN’T fair. how sad.

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