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And one was juuuuuuust right…

Papa bear, Mama bear, and Baby bear.

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All you’ve ever wanted to know…

…about electronic music. J5 told me about this guy, Ishkur, that created this site to map out the history and splintering of electronic music.

Poke around! You can spend hours in there!


PS – I knew 8 of the 9 Synthpop songs. Hellllloooo ’80s!

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Some songs just hit my heart. I found one tonight that I haven’t heard in a very, very long time. It’s on a compilation album called “Streams”. “Sanctuary” by Chris Rodriguez.

God is so good.

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I’ve lost my music…

I realized tonight, as I was updating my interests on my Yahoo 360 page and I was looking at our tower of CDs for artists to add, that I have lost my music.

Personally. Internally.

I’m going to guess that it was the birth of J5 that sidetracked me. Living through those “delightful” first few weeks and months, trying to snag sleep wherever it was to be found.

Actually, now that I think about it, the loss started even earlier. It’s when I started my new job. I work less than 1/4 mile from my workplace. I don’t drive anymore. And when I do, it’s usually only long enough for a song or two.

Yes, that’s what did it.


And I’m starting with Vanessa-Mae.

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Again with the nothing to say…

Wow, I seem to have run dry with the witty banter. The weather has turned warm and it seems to have stirred up life a bit. The winter blahs are finally drifting away, but the hustle and bustle quickly has taken it’s place.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks (months?) for some friends of mine. Sometimes I just don’t understand why little children suffer. I’m not getting into a whole “why, God, why?” thing. I personally do believe that God’s got a bigger plan, but I’m pretty darned ticked off that the evil side of things has to pick on the little ones…

A little boy that I was praying for regularly back while I was pregnant passed away. He was 3. He had brain cancer.

No, it’s just not fair.