Spreadsheets, and charts and graphs…oh my!

Ok, for those of you who know me well, you know I have a special place in my heart for Microsoft Excel. I love to make charts and graphs!

Well, using FlyLady’s Body Clutter Investigator I created a way to score how well I’m doing during the day. I have learned that when I get a “grade” above 80, my weight goes down. When it’s lower than that, I maintain or gain.

Since one of the things that frustrates me most when I try to improve my physical condition is not knowing for sure what to do. I get overwhelmed with all the things I could do, and end up doing nothing. Or, even worse, I try to do everything.

The stuff on the list is simple. Eat 3 meals, eat 2 snacks, drink enough water, get enough sleep, exercise in some fashion, take vitamins, don’t eat after dinner. That plus my GDM diet is making all the difference in the world!

I think I am posting this mostly for the reminder so when I get overwhelmed and stop paying attention to myself, I’ll have a place to go. Also see Doing What Works…

Have a great night, all!