Why is it that I feel my faith strongest when things are bad, rather than when things are good? Is it because I “need” more when life gets hard? Is it because I need a crutch to lean on?

This morning I had a long conversation with one of my closest friends, who also happens to be my mother. After discussing just how similar we are, and how we are able to point each other in better directions because we have actually walked the same paths, we both came to the conclusion that we really need to spend more time with God. In his Word, reflecting, choosing to let the Bible be an influence in our lives.

I read something this morning that said that most Christians admit that they spend something like 10 times more time watching TV, reading books, etc than they do reading their Bible or in prayer/conversation with God. I know that we can’t spend all day just reading the Bible, but it made me realize just how little time I actually dedicate to my relationship with God.

I certainly couldn’t keep a marriage afloat if I spent so little time interacting with my spouse.

I’ve always considered God to be my friend. I grew up with the constant presence of Him in my head. Even when I was angry with God, I still talked to him about it. I did go through a phase where I questioned God’s existance, but I still talked to him about my doubts, so was that really doubt?

I don’t claim to know where God wants me. I’m certainly not going to find out if I don’t bother to even talk to him. Prayers thrown his direction are good, at least there’s a little contact, but I think what He wants most is for me to both talk AND listen. There’s no communication going on if there’s no listening. And in my world, the Bible is the quickest and most ready way to “listen”.

Guess I know what I’m going to be working into my morning routine. I’ve got housekeeping stuff in my AM routine, I’ve got stuff to get me physically healthy, and (saving the best for last?) I am going to add that which will heal my spirit.