Getting back up when things have slipped can be so hard. FlyLady is such an inspiration. Her most loving words, included in every message from her are,

“You are not behind! I don’t want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?”

Do you know how wonderful that concept is? If there’s anyone out there who gets overwhelmed, who has suffered from depression, who is a procrastinator…this message can be for you too.

Just jump in. There’s no score card. There’s no grade at the end of the semester that you have to kill yourself to recover. Just jump in. Today. Right now. Right here.

And for those of us who have some “Body Clutter” to lose, the same goes. Waiting until tomorrow to start something good for yourself will never get it accomplished. Whether it’s going to bed right now ’cause it’s late and you need sleep, or whether it’s taking a walk around the block to give your lungs and heart a little bit of exercise, there is no time like the present!!

Just do it! Jump!