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I am ready for new hair. Well, at least a new hairstyle. I have had a few different styles…

I’ve had LONG hair and I’ve had SHORT

I’ve had PERMED and I’ve had STRAIGHT

I’ve had NO Bangs, 80s Bangs, and REGULAR Bangs


But nowadays, you’ll see me with just one of two hairstyles…PONYTAIL or simply PULLED BACK –

So, now I have to figure out what to do. Do I grow out my bangs? Do I cut my hair? Leave it long? Cut it short? I’ve purchased a few “hairstyle” magazines and have cut out a few options. The problem is, as a new mom, I seriously don’t want to have a new style that takes longer than the one I have now does. That would defeat the purpose.

Some days I think I’d like to just go with J4’s hairdo and shave it all off….

3 thoughts on “Hair

  1. that is hilarious. we didn’t talk about hair cuts this morning. but i can’t stand my hair anymore! i need something different!

  2. The hair thing is a female thing. Mary Kay always said that if you haven’t been complimented on your hair in the last 6 weeks, you need a new hair style! Gotta love that lady!

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