Depression + FlyLady = Survival

I’m so excited! I got new “lace up” shoes tonight. For those of you who know FlyLady, the lace up shoes are pretty much the most powerful part her message.

Well, since I’ve been working at home, these shoes have been my constant source of inspiration. If I get dressed to my shoes, the day works so much more smoothly. There is something indescribable, some nuance, a little nudge that the lace-up shoes give me that get me through the roughest of days.

Well, as I sat down for the hundredth time to play with J5, I realized just how bad these little sources of inspiration had gotten. So, tonight when we took the whole family to Target for a much needed shopping trip, I splurged a crazy $12.99 and got myself these beauties!

I was diagnosed with Post-partum Depression back in December. FlyLady has been a huge influnce on me. Her theme of “Finally Loving Yourself” has been such a blessing. While her initial message has been about how to manage your home through simple routines and BabySteps, she wrote a book, which I mentioned earlier, Body Clutter.

I am already seeing a difference. I was down 2 lbs. from yesterday! Woo-Hoo! I guess I doing what works…works!