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Depression + FlyLady = Survival

I’m so excited! I got new “lace up” shoes tonight. For those of you who know FlyLady, the lace up shoes are pretty much the most powerful part her message.

Well, since I’ve been working at home, these shoes have been my constant source of inspiration. If I get dressed to my shoes, the day works so much more smoothly. There is something indescribable, some nuance, a little nudge that the lace-up shoes give me that get me through the roughest of days.

Well, as I sat down for the hundredth time to play with J5, I realized just how bad these little sources of inspiration had gotten. So, tonight when we took the whole family to Target for a much needed shopping trip, I splurged a crazy $12.99 and got myself these beauties!

I was diagnosed with Post-partum Depression back in December. FlyLady has been a huge influnce on me. Her theme of “Finally Loving Yourself” has been such a blessing. While her initial message has been about how to manage your home through simple routines and BabySteps, she wrote a book, which I mentioned earlier, Body Clutter.

I am already seeing a difference. I was down 2 lbs. from yesterday! Woo-Hoo! I guess I doing what works…works!

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Doing what works…

“Do what works.”

It seems like a simple concept, doesn’t it? Somehow, however, execution seems to elude me.

I’m talking about that forever concept of “getting in shape”.

Over the years, I have been involved in a wide, wide variety of schemes to lose weight and get fit. Some with long term success, some with short term success, some with none at all.

While rereading a book I just got, called “Body Clutter”, I came across an idea that has been stuck in my head for the past couple of days. She was talking about attitude. Our attitudes toward our homes, bodies, and lives. (Paraphrasing) She said you have to come to a point when you say, “Hey, this isn’t working. I need to do something else.”

When I was pregnant with J5, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I was on a special diet and I just simply stuck to it! I had a higher purpose – I was housing our child and that child deserved to be healthy. So, I just did it. I ate healthfully and I lost weight while I was pregnant, even up through my last couple of months! (Yes, it was fine with my doctor, I had plenty of extra weight to lose so it was a healthy result!)

So, a cog in my brain dropped in to place and I decided to get back on that “delightful” GDM diet. Just gotta do what works.

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Thanks to a friend of mine, I now at least have a place to play


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I am ready for new hair. Well, at least a new hairstyle. I have had a few different styles…

I’ve had LONG hair and I’ve had SHORT

I’ve had PERMED and I’ve had STRAIGHT

I’ve had NO Bangs, 80s Bangs, and REGULAR Bangs


But nowadays, you’ll see me with just one of two hairstyles…PONYTAIL or simply PULLED BACK –

So, now I have to figure out what to do. Do I grow out my bangs? Do I cut my hair? Leave it long? Cut it short? I’ve purchased a few “hairstyle” magazines and have cut out a few options. The problem is, as a new mom, I seriously don’t want to have a new style that takes longer than the one I have now does. That would defeat the purpose.

Some days I think I’d like to just go with J4’s hairdo and shave it all off….

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College & retirement

Gosh, I feel old. We just got back from the bank where we talked to the banker about setting up a college fund for J5 and retirement funds for us. We’ve got enough time to get it started, but wow. I feel like I should have been investing for the future for many years now…

I guess the way I grew up was that Jesus was probably going to return before I became an adult, so we wouldn’t have to worry about things like retirement. Is it an un-Christian thing to save and invest money for the future? Where does tithe fit in? Does it matter whether it goes to a formal church fund or can it go to any charitable organization?

I haven’t been an active SDA for a long time. I’ve attended CCC off and on for several years. Will be going again tomorrow with a friend. I think I’ll be glad to go back.

Is tithe discretionary?

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First post!

This is a must for my first blog post. I have too many blogs now. I will continue my random wanderings wherever I feel like it. Catch me if you can!