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Tuesday Musings – Taking Stock and Staying Sane

Getting up at 4:45a to go swimming, while not an easy feat, has given me the advantage of some time to myself before the day really “begins”. The hope is that I will eventually remind myself that being a morning person is all around better for me as a functioning being.

The topics of the day have filled me with a growing sense of dread. While yes, I can get triggered by the abundance of fear-inducing current events, even more I’m starting to feel a calm and growing certainty that in the next several years, we will see world and life-altering change that we do not expect and may not be able to prevent once it starts.
As I was driving home from the Y, I had that premonition feeling – you know, like in the post-apocalyptic films and they have a flashback to their “before”. I was feeling like I was watching the road with that “before” vibe. Maybe that’s just called “taking stock”, but today I’m consciously absorbing my surroundings and feeling exceptionally grateful. Gratitude seems to change me from within. So I’m attempting to notice all the positive things I typically whiz by in my day — the soothing whoosh of a functioning air-conditioner, the click-a-click-a-click of Sabian’s nails as she does a patrolling round of the house before schlumping onto my foot while I type.

There’s quite a bit to become alarmed by lately. And there’s a lot of garbage and outright lies. As much as I can find plenty to trigger my righteous indignation, I’m wondering what good it is to point it out to others. I am getting tired of kvetching. If pretty much everyone is just pointing to horrible things to say “that’s bad!”, does anything get better? Is there a tangible thing (or things) I can do to sow seeds to heal the world around me?

I’m going to brainstorm here a minute for things I can do right now:

  1. Engage with others in conversation. Listen, validate, allow time and space for processing (both for me and them). Not allow fear to push me out of stepping fully in.
  2. Recognize that in general, a difference of opinion indicates a difference of personality in circumstance. There’s no rule that either one must be “right” while the other must be “wrong”.
  3. Take the time to discuss in an age-appropriate way, all of the current events we see happening, with my son. Not only is it helpful to him, but the act of summarizing thoughts is mentally clarifying for me. Sometimes I don’t even know what I really think until I hear myself telling J5
  4. Periodically and regularly take the time to create “in this moment” space to breathe, resettle my mind and spirit into my body, and recognize the good in my life. Just “being” is good. Very good.
  5. Continue to do “good work” on whatever is at hand — laundry, meal prep, customer service, driving, parenting. All of it.
  6. Write. I don’t think I have anything better or worse to share than the next person. What I do have is a need to find a healthy response to the chaotic political and social atmosphere here in the US, and in the world. There are a LOT of things happening that are red flags to continuing the way of life as it is today. Maybe with some writing and sharing, and maybe even some conversation, I can find clarity. Clarity is sweet. It’s a high unlike others I’ve experienced.
  7. Continue to share the good stuff via Social Media. If I’m going to contribute to the noise in the world, at least it can be a song I enjoy.


  • Mad by Poorly Drawn Lines

Thought Provoking


Regrouping and Renewing

minsgame-badge-2016-300x300The Minimalist Game came to a close for me a little early. Travelling out of town for my grandmother, Carolyn‘s funeral broke my streak. And that’s ok. It was a really healing weekend (traveled the Outer Road), and I’m ok with as far as I got! My study got cleared out and that’s the truly important thing.

This month is already more than half over, and I’m just barely ready to admit it’s February. My ambitious goals to start another cleaning project fell a bit short. Not to worry, I’ve found another new project to keep me busy…

Bullet Journal
ing! I’ve been starting to simplify things. I’m trying to reduce my online time – at least the wasted time. It’s so easy to drown in online tasking systems. I’ve put a few different ones through their paces. I still like the ones I’ve used, but I needed to find a way to sift through all the noise and keep track of the very top priorities. The rest will get done, but when I just need to stop and “regroup”, my bullet journal is really doing the trick. Watch this video to see a quick overview.

I’ve also listened to two audiobooks that have strongly influenced me. I highly recommend them both.

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life, by Byron Katie – What I learned: The relentless pursuit of my own truth, passionate love of reality, and a letting go of my “story” are the steps toward peace and happiness that I was missing. I will re-listen to this one periodically. It’s not complex. All the info you need is actually available on her website,, but the audiobook is a lovely way to be taken through it, step by step.

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, by Gary Taubes What I learned: Surprisingly, I learned that I really should trust my own experience when it comes to losing weight. When I was pregnant with J5, I got gestational diabetes and had to go on a strict low-carb diet. The day I came home from the hospital after giving birth, I weighed less than I did the day I found out I was pregnant. I know others who have had similar success, yet somehow it wasn’t until I listened to this book that I heard what I needed to be ready to make a change. So far so good.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me lately. One day at a time. If anyone has questions about anything — speak up below!

Minimalist Game – Day 27


Another foray into the night stand. Some old clothes from the kid. Not sure where I’m headed for tomorrow. Linen closet maybe?

Minimalist Game – Day 26


I’m writing this one from my phone, so please excuse the lack of formatting. Today’s purge of items came from a long neglected night stand drawer. I’ll probably be able to pull enough for tomorrow from there too. I have to say this is been a really good exercise. Definitely worth trying at least once a year. The act of letting things go is becoming easier. I really want to break tendency to hoard. This is helping.

I need to note that I will be going out of town for my grandmother’s funeral on Friday, so I will probably just postpone the last 3 days until I get back.

Minimalist Game – Day 25


Day 25

(full size pic)

Mostly drawer junk, stone paper notepad, junk mail, more expired meds (good grief!).

What is the Minimalist Game?

Minimalist Game – Day 24


    Day 24

    (full size pic)

    Ok, folks, it’s getting serious now. I’m still finding things, but I’m not going to name them all this time. There are a lot of cables and earbuds, headsets and old batteries, some expired medicines and file folders. I’m getting through a lot of old stashes of things in labeled containers. It’s amazing how much organized clutter I have. This last week of the “game” is going to be tough. I think I should have taken my friend SXT’s advice and started counting individual socks and maybe paperclips… 😉

    What is the Minimalist Game?

Minimalist Game – Days 22 & 23


Days 22 & 23

(full size pic)

Yep, another two-fer. This time it was a thorough purging of my file cabinet next to my desk. It felt really good to get through all the folders I’d made a couple of years ago and get rid of everything I didn’t need. As much as I enjoy the idea of having every paper that I found even mildly significant filed away “just in case”, reality says scanning it and filing it electronically is much better for my minimalist aims.

  1. Paper, paper, and more paper
  2. through

  3. You guessed it, paper

What is the Minimalist Game?

Minimalist Game – Day 21


  1. Black Purse
  2. Black Purse
  3. Black Purse
  4. Black Purse
  5. Black Purse
  6. Black Purse
  7. Black Purse
  8. Pull-up
  9. Pull-up
  10. Black shirt
  11. Striped baby blanket
  12. Grey sweat pants
  13. Teal T-Shirt
  14. Dark blue hoodie
  15. White socks
  16. Mary Kay Satin Hands bag
  17. Purple bag
  18. Extra purse strap
  19. Extra purse strap
  20. Tan purse
  21. Black wallet

What is the Minimalist Game?

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